Sheriff Manfre’s goal has been and will be to keep Flagler County residents safe in their community.

Key Accomplishments from Sheriff Manfre's term:

More Deputies on Patrol

Under Sheriff Manfre more deputies patrol the county through a reduction of unnecessary administrative positions

Reduction in Crime

These deputies are closer to the communities they serve resulting in a 10 percent reduction in crime, despite a 5 percent population increase

Fewer Community Complaints

Before the national conversation about relations between communities and police forces erupted, Sheriff Manfre rolled out usage of body cameras leading to a 75 percent reduction in community complaints

Safer Community Interactions

He also ensured all deputies underwent training to teach de-escalation techniques when interacting with the mentally ill enabling Flagler County deputies to save the lives of the last three mentally ill people attempting to commit “suicide by cop”

Agency Accreditation

The Florida Commission on Accreditation acknowledged Sheriff Manfre’s efforts to protect and serve Flagler County residents by awarding the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office the highest accreditation in the state